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High Confidence High Income Mentoring Club!
Online and Webinars

Jan 01, 1970 4760.00 PHP

Do you aspire to work at home and be with your family for a long time? Have you ever day dream of not passing through EDSA during rush hour? We’ll all of us are dreaming that, that’s why Jomar Hilario is creating a mentoring club which will monitor and will guide you on how to be a high income Virtual Assistance.

Just go to the website and click on the register button to become a member. Once a member, for three months you will get Jomar’s unbounded support to finish the assignments and  make sure that you’ll be a successful V.A.

 You will also have an access to the Secret Facebook Group.

Here's your minimal investment for your future:

Full Payment: P 13,750  (valued at P 19,750) valid until April 2.

Easy Monthly Installments: P 4,750 /3 months

After 3 months: P 1475 /month (Automatic Membership into the VA League of Experts Mentoring but you can cancel anytime)

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