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1st Sikad Dumaguete Selfie Contest
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The popularity of bicycles has taken its course into a city known for the use of motorcycles. In line with this, Sikad Dumaguete invites the gentle people to join in the online contest entitled, “1st Sikad Dumaguete Selfie Contest”. The contest itself aims to promote the use of bicycles in the city at the same time promoting the positive aspect of using bicycles to the environment. Here are the mechanics of the contest: 1.    Take a selfie of yourself with your infamous bicycle. 2.    Click the “Like” button on the Sikad Dumaguete Facebook Page. 3.    Upload your selfie on 4.    Make sure to type in a message with your photo. 5.    Wait for a couple of days or hours, since the admin will be the ones to post the photo on the Facebook page. 6.    Share and invite your friends to like the photo. 7.    The photo with the most “thumb up” icon on Facebook before February 28, 2014 at midnight will win a Cayete Micro Wireless Speedometer.

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