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Enter Entrepreneurship 2016: Second Run
Online and Webinars

Jan 01, 1970 500.00 PHP

In continuation of last year's Enter Entrepreneurship's success, a second run of webinars will be launched again this coming January 30 to April 9, 2016. There are nine topics that will be covered for the next four months. Each session is Php 500 only. You can also avail of the 9+1 sessions for Php 3999 only. All Filipino entrepreneurs, freelancers and work-at-home individuals here and abroad are all welcome to participate in this exciting and informative sessions about entrepreneurship and building your own business. Featured speakers are Burn Gutierrez- an online entrepreneur, financial literacy advocate and an investor together with Ginger Arboleda- a serial entrepreneur. Both of them will be sharing their knowledge and will provide essential tips on how to start your business right for the year 2016!

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