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An Introduction to PICSS and New Substance Notification (PMPIN) in the Philippines is a free webinar sponsored by the Chemical Inspection & Regulatory Service. Interested companies are encouraged to join so that they will be informed regarding the new regulations in the PMPIN process for new substance notification.

The PICCS is an inventory of all the country’s chemicals and chemical substances. When such chemical substances are not included in the PICCS, these cannot be manufactured, imported, distributed or used unless they have undergone the PMPIN process.

The Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) of the DENR developed the first PICCS in the year 2000. The list contains around 24,000 chemicals and chemical substances that were nominated for inclusion by the country’s manufactures, importers, distributors and users of these chemicals. So, be informed and don't miss this important webinar!



Time: 18 February 2014, Tuesday, 4:15PM to 5PM (GMT+8)


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