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A Webinar on Being A Freelancer
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Jan 01, 1970 250.00 PHP

Venturing in to something like being a freelancer is quite scary for some cause you'll never know if such can bring a success to your life. In this webinar you'll learn, be inspired and even get that confident on how you will start as freelancer.

The first session would be about blogging and being a blog coach entitled "How to Build a Blog that Becomes a Job You Love" with the award-winning blogger and featured instagrammer Martine De Luna. Surely, you'd learn a lot from her most especially if you want to venture a career online or in blogging.

Also, in this webinar series called Freelance Insider Webinars, Marv De Leon of Freelance Blend and Ginger of and will take you through the amazing journey of the lives of the freelancers in or country who have succeeded. This is a two-hour webinar wherein guest will share their story and then an interview will follow which will be moderated by the host. Register now and learn how to be successful at your own comfort.

The Freelance Insider Webinar will be on January 20, 2016, Wednesday from 8-10 p.m.

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