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EXO Concert in the Philippines: CONFIRMED!
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Jan 01, 1970 1.00 PHP

After the huge issue of Kris being fired in EXO group, the SM entertainment proudly announced that, the sensational Kpop boy band group will have their first solo concert here in Manila, Philippines on May 2015. The entertainment did not give any specific date when will the concert held but they were flattered to bring the EXO group here in the country.
        The Manila Online Daily News reported that EXO will do their “EXO From. EXOPlanet#1 - The Lost Planet” tour in Manila this May 2015. The band started the ball rolling series of concert in Seoul with an approximated 40 000 fans present.
The leader of subunit EXO-K, Suho, gave his personal experience was quite nervous. He also told to Korea Herald that it was their first solo concert and there were lots of their fans have been waiting for their comeback.
On the other hand, EXO-M’s Lay added that he was so grateful for their fans, hearing that their concert tickets were sold out.
The Kpop boy band group is also scheduled to perform in Taiwan on July 11, China on June 14 and 28, and HongKong on June 1 and 2 and according to Korea media; EXO will visit Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.
Other EXO members talked about Kris during the press conference. Kris will not take his part for the concert after he sued the SM Entertainment for cancelling out his exclusive contract.
The members were also shocked by the news. They were all upset and sad for losing one of their member and promise to their selves that the group will overcome all the problems altogether not as a group but also as a family and friends.

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