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32nd National Folk Dance Workshop
Classes and Workshops

May 18, 2018 Batangas City Convention Center Free

It may be years too early, still, it is good to be aware and prepared.

The 32nd National Folk Dance Workshop on May 2018 is an exclusive workshop for teachers.

The dance workshop mainly refreshes teachers’ knowledge of fundamental steps of dancing and teaches different folk dances from Batangas, like Subli. All MAPEH teachers from different school of Division of Batangas are said to be the priority of the workshop. It is needed to preserve the culture of Batangas in terms of folk dance, as teachers were expected to share the learning with their students. The workshop will lasts for three days which includes the introduction of folk dances, mastering the folk dances and the group presentation of the teachers.


Location: Batangas
Venue: Batangas City Convention Center
Date: From May 18, 2018 to May 18, 2018
Time: Not Applicable

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